Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day Cookies

For most of January, we've seen weather in the 40s and 50s. Not that I've minded, but I've really been looking forward to seeing Ian enjoy snow this winter.
As if to answer my wish, God sent us some beautiful snow! Lots of it too, and I'm quite excited. However, at a mere 19 degrees (Yesterday was 54!) I thought it best to keep my little guy warm inside.  This doesn't mean we didn't have fun though.
After his nap today, Ian helped me make Snow Day Cookies!

Of course, above you only see pictures of the finished product, but there was quite a bit of fun in the baking process.

As Mommy was mixing the batter, Ian figured he would contemplate the cookie topping. Sprinkles look pretty good.  I rolled out the cookies, and Ian figured he would help me decorate. I won't explain...just watch. :D

After that snafu, we got a batch baked, and Ian could finally eat his cookie. (Can you tell which one was his from the first set of pictures. p.s. - It isn't the really big one). I thought he would shove the whole thing in his mouth like he typically does with cookies. He sure surprised me.
He started picking the sprinkles off the cookie! I guess he really liked those sprinkles! After he got them off, he decided to poke at the cookie. Haha. Silly guy.

Although I've made quite a few cookies in my time, I don't know if I've had this much fun doing so in a long time. When you have a 1 1/2 year old as your assistant, I suppose he will make everything more enjoyable. I think sprinkle face had fun with it too. :D

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  1. that is awesome you made my day. Pappy says wheres his??? hehe love ya