Monday, July 4, 2011

Flying Time

I realize I haven't posted here forever.  I blame it on no regular internet connection.  So, here is a short post just to catch everyone up.

Ian is now just over 13 months. (I know, crazy, right?!)

Things he can do: Walk, run, babble (he isn't a quiet little guy), put objects into containers (he's working on shape sorting toys), play hide and seek, pick out the object we ask him to find, climb furniture...probably others, but at the moment, that's what I can think of.

He's a big fan of dancing, playing in water, looking at trees (or most anything outside), and making music - mostly with drums, but he has recently discovered the piano.  I wouldn't say he's any Mozart or anything, but he sure has fun making sounds. :-)

I have so many pictures it's a little ridiculous. I cannot post them all here, but I do have quite a few on facebook, as does Ryan.

Anyway, I know this is super short and there is much that is missing between this and my last post. I will try to be consistent again. Ian is growing up  quite quickly after all.