Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do the Potty Dance!

Two nights ago, we bought Ian a potty chair.  Yes, he's just shy of 16 months, so perhaps it's a little early, but we wanted to give it a try.  Yesterday, we started him out just by getting him used to sitting on the chair. Mostly just with clothes on, but a couple times without.  He wasn't so sure about the whole experience at first, but then he figured out this potty chair was his chair and he loved it.
Tonight, we set him on the potty for a little bit before he went to bed.  It seemed like he was just going to sit there and play around. After a little while, he went to get up (he still needs a little help getting off the potty). As I picked him up, I saw he went pee in the potty!  Way to go Ian!!!  So we threw him a small little party. High fives, hugs and cheers all around. :)
I know there's still a looong way to go before we reach "potty trained" status, but it's one small step. So exciting.
He's getting so big. Proud of my boy.