Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Croup Monster

I really wish I knew, as a mommy, all the ailments my little boy might face.  Sure, we've mastered the sniffles and gassy tummy. However, I was not prepared to be woken in the middle of the night to my baby boy sounding like an old man suffering from emphysema.  This is for those new mommies who have never yet fought the croup monster off.  Take heart, you can make it through!

I woke up to Ian coughing around 1:30 a.m.  It wasn't a typical cough though; it was dry sounding and had almost no power behind it.  I went in to pick him up and I was terrified at the way he was breathing. It sounded so horrible, like he was congested, but about 10x worse.  It also didn't help any that it seemed he was fighting for every breath.  And his cry...oh that sad little cry...he knew something wasn't right with his body.  But his cry sounded so weak, I was sure there was something very wrong with my son.
Ryan tried to calm me, but just listening to Ian breath...I had to take him to the E.R. if for no other reason than my peace of mind.  Fortunately, the ER doc couldn't tell us what was ailing Ian. He did tell us that he was getting plenty of oxygen though, so we left with that and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Julie in the morning. 

Oh Dr. Julie.  I love this woman. You can really tell when someone likes their job. If you are in the Janesville area, I highly recommend her. Anyway...I digress.
She looks at Ian for about 30 seconds (no kidding) and says, "Sounds like he's got croup."  Well, there you have it. Problem is identified, which means a solution is near at hand.  Ian is given some steriods and a breathing treatment from this cool dinosaur breathing mask.
Granted, Ian did not much enjoy the cold vapor coming through the said mask, but it was awfully cute even in a distressing time.  

Now the assignment is to get a filter for our humidifier, as I am told that helps a lot.  Also steamy rooms, or taking the child out in chilly air.  Again, I just want to be helpful for any of you new mamas who might stumble across this monster.  

So thankfully, with the help of a cool pediatrician, a little dinosaur mask, and some helpful tips and tricks to try at home, I expect The Croup Monster to be defeated.  Whew...